Monetize your artist's worldwide fan base in one event.

Afton TV is the premiere platform for HD concert live streaming. We provide this service at no cost to the artist. Fans can purchase a pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast ticket to see the HD concert live stream from wherever they are, worldwide. The artist gets a profit-share on every PPV broadcast ticket sold.

Profit-share to the artist for every PPV sold

The artist makes a profit-share off of every PPV broadcast ticket sold - with no cost to the artist.

Broadcast profit-share is calculated completely separately from the in-the-room ticket sales and "real world show" revenues:

  • Your artist receives their normal guarantee + backend for playing the show, as usual.
  • In addition, we then profit-share on all PPV broadcast ticket sales.
  • PPV broadcast tickets literally sell themselves, as long as the artist notifies their fans via social sites, etc.

If just half of one percent (0.5%) of your artist's worldwide fan base purchases a PPV Broadcast ticket, your artist would be looking at 5,000+ PPV broadcast sales, for every 1 Million fans they have.

The leading PPV delivery platform for live concert broadcasts

Afton TV's broadcast platform includes all live audio/video encoding & streaming:

  • 720p, Medium, and Mobile qualities to fit customer's Internet connection speed.
  • In-browser security & PPV authentication ensures the video only loads for a valid PPV ticket holder, limit 1 viewer per PPV ticket.

Afton TV's broadcast ticket platform handles all of the e-commerce:

  • Broadcast purchase page
  • Inventory, checkout process, and delivery of purchased PPVs.

PPV customers have a 72 hour viewing window, so they can watch no matter which time zone they are in, and they can watch on any web-connected device (smart phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, or even flatscreen TV).

HD video & profesional sound

Video production for Afton TV broadcasts is done entirely during the event, as the action is happening. Our production typically features all of the following:

  • Technical Director operates the video switcher live, in real-time.
  • Wireless headsets between the camera crew & Technical Director to capture the best shots.
  • 3-5 manned HD cameras depending on size of the artist.
    • 2-3 crew operated HD cameras on tripods in key locations of the balcony.
    • 1-2 roaming wireless HD handheld camera(s).
  • Entire camera crew is familiar with the room and listens to artist's set list prior to the event.
  • Redundancy for every critical piece of hardware ensures a successful broadcast even if a piece of equipment fails or malfunctions.

Audio production for Afton TV's live broadcasts is the benchmark for concert live streaming:

  • Separate on-site sound engineer dedicated to the broadcast audio mix.
  • Broadcast audio mix is completely separate from the FOH mix.
  • 24-32 channel audio mix for broadcast.
  • Room mics used above front of stage to mix in crowd cheering, sing-alongs, etc.

Support for customers, artists, agents, managers, and promoters

When you offer an innovative product, customers like to give feedback and ask questions. But you're busy during the event - whether you're working on booking other shows, on-site at the venue, or just enjoying some downtime at home. That's why Afton TV's Customer Support staff and development team are standing by, ready to help customers get the most out of your broadcast:

  • Afton TV staff handles all customer support before, during, and after the show.
  • We handle all PPV ticket transactions through our PPV broadcast ticket portal.

And don't worry if you're not sure how to best promote a PPV broadcast. Afton TV's team is happy to help:

  • We provide the artist with strategies and web-marketing images to promote the broadcast.
  • We're available to coach artists & management on most effective marketing tactics in regard to PPV tickets.

HD Broadcast Your Artist with Afton TV

Afton TV takes care of everything from start to finish - from the HD video and pro audio mix, to the e-commerce and customer support - all at no cost to the artist. The HD concert live stream monetizes your artist's worldwide fan base in one night, and offers an amazing experience for fans, that they can't find anywhere else. Your artist gets a profit-share on every broadcast ticket sold, on top of their normal guarantee and backend split for the show. With no extra work, they can multiply the profit they make from an already scheduled tour stop.

Afton TV can work directly with the artist management, if the promoter or booking agent do not want to deal with any of the HD broadcast details. If you have any questions, please contact us or visit our Broadcast FAQ.