Afton TV brings HD concert live streams to any screen.

You can now watch live shows from your favorite artists, right from your own couch. Featuring multi-camera HD video production and a professional audio mix, you'll have a better view and experience better sound than you would have in-person.

Worldwide Broadcast

You can watch the show live, in real-time. You also have a 72-hour viewing window, in case you're busy the night of the show or in case the show is not during an ideal time in your time zone.

Multi-Cam HD Video

We use a professional crew of camera operators. You'll see multiple camera angles, up close shots, and experience the energy of the live crowd - all in HD. You'll literally have the best view in the house.

Professional Sound

We use a pro sound engineer dedicated to the broadcast audio mix. This engineer ensures you, the home viewer, gets an even better sounding mix than the fans in the room.

Average Customer Rating:

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, previous customers have loved the multiple camera angles, the fact that the stream is in HD, and the high sound quality. Many customers would have missed the show completely had we not broadcasted it!

If you have any questions, please visit our Customer FAQ.

One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the audio quality, it was really good! I felt like I heard things better than if I had actually been there. If you broadcast more bands I like I will definitely be back!

Chris (Boise)

I liked the various camera angels. Purchase and login was really easy.

Karl (El Cerrito)

The various camera angles were awesome. Way more entertaining than just one or two cameras showing the entire stage.

Tony (Cheyenne)

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